Enabling Through Sound & Music

A charitably supported voluntary organisation

What we do:

We have two branches. (Please click on the names or the aims for more information)

Attune THealth

Enabling for Music

We aim to:

Offer Holistic Therapies/Complementary Medicine on an affordable donation basis,  to people who would benefit from these therapies but who cannot afford to pay the usual fees.

Therapies currently offered are: Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique, High Tech Therapy with Sound and Music, Natural Healing, Reiki.

To develop a new therapy to help people effectively with depression, and other illnesses with a large mental component, who cannot be effectively helped by the NHS.  (Some estimate this as being as many as 25%). Or by other currently available complementary therapies


To enable the hard of hearing or deaf to listen to music more clearly and enjoyably through technological means. We understand that hearing problems are of many types, not just degree and treat each person's needs individually.

To enable people who cannot use their hands well, or even at all, to nevertheless create their own expressive performance of a piece of music and for the result to depend only on inherent musicality, not manual abilities.

Our work receives charitable grants form trusts and some help from commercial organisations. This enables us to operate, requesting from clients only donations according to means. Current financial support comes from Awards for All, The Norman Collinson Trust, Newcastle-under-Lyme Council, The Barracks Trust, The Reginald Johnston Foundation, BBC Children in Need, and a number of other charities and commercial firms.

Contacting us:

Write to: 3 Thornton Grove, Morecambe LA4 5PU

Tel: 01524 427919 or 07795 212524 (mobile)

E-mail: info@ETSAM.org.uk

Management Committee:

Gordon Dalgarno (Chairman)Visiting Research Fellow, Dept. of Psychology, Keele University,

Phil Stirling (Deputy Secretary & Deputy Treasurer)  Electronics and computer engineer.cher

Dr Ian Fabian (Secretary)  Stephen Hadden, CA (Treasurer) Accountant

Honorary Advisors:

Diane Merchant Director of Music, Gallaudet Univ., USA

Prof. Vernon R. Pickles Physiologist

Paul Whittaker Principal, "Music and the Deaf" Charity

Audrey Podmore Music & IT educator

Jenny Lay-Flurrie Musician

Dr. Andy Hunt Music technology lecturer

Russ Palmer International Music Therapist




Web: chris@kit-woods.co.uk