Enabling for Music

A charitably supported voluntary organisation.

We use sound processing and technology to enable people with limited or no use of their hands, or with partial sight, to create their own music, and produce a recording.

This could be:

  • Composing an original piece or arranging an existing piece of music for different instruments.
  • Creating an individual expressive performance of music which can be recorded on tape or CD.

We also carry out scientific research and development. This is to improve on current methods and to find means to help where we are presently unable to do so.

Our objective is for the final result to depend only on the person's inherent musicality irrespective of physical or sensory disabilities. We have developed special software to suit various physical disabilities as well as for impaired sight. and we are particularly proud of features which enable people who cannot play the piano to nevertheless create their own individual expressive performance of a piece of music.

'Enabling for Music' was established by Gordon Dalgarno in 1986. It has been working both in a practical way with individuals and organisations and in a theoretical way within university based research.

In addition to helping disabled people to create music Enabling for Music also helps people who are hard of hearing to enjoy and appreciate music .
Whole Body Sound, another part of ETSAM, is involved with acoustic and vibroacoustic therapy.

Our goal, of enabling a recorded performance of a quality limited only by the inherent musicality of the person, irrespective of physical disabilities has now been achieved in full, for piano sound and for most types of piano music.

Further research and development needs to be undertaken to achieve this for other instruments and other types of music. Substantial additional funding will be required and we are always appreciative of any help towards this.

Tape cassettes are available which give examples of both compositions and performances. If you would like to receive one please enclose a cheque or a number of stamps to the value of 2-50 to cover costs, including p&p and state composition or performance.

We travel to visit clients with our equipment as well as clients visiting us. Enquiries from anyone who would might like to join us, and from those who might like to use our services, are very welcome. Please contact us and ask for a copy of our information and assessment pack. If requesting this by post it would be appreciated if you would enclose three 1st class postage stamps to cover postage and photocopying costs.

Our work receives charitable grants form trusts and some help from commercial organisations. This enables us to operate, requesting only donations from clients. Equipment may be purchased or hired on a non-profit basis.

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Tel: 01524 427919 or 07797 212524(mobile)
E-mail: info@ETSAM.org.uk

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