Balanced Health

Enjoy being balanced

Do you suffer from food intolerances? Allergies? Phobias? Emotional problems?

Aches and pains, stress, headaches, migraines? Or indigestion, IBS or low energy levels?

Arthritis or many other ailments?

Sensitivities to various foods can often damage your health. We can find which foods are bad for you.

We can indicate the vitamins, supplements and minerals that you actually need - saving you money and the right balance can make a big difference to your health and energy.

Phobias and emotional problems can often be helped in an efficient way.


Free 15 minute trial appointment available.

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Balanced Health is form of Kinesiology which uses gentle and non invasive muscle testing, holding neuro-vascular and acupuncture points (no use of needles) testing pulses and sometimes massaging the neuro-lymphatic points. Soft music may be played into the acupuncture points.

The theory is derived from chiropractic and meridian energy theory.

It can deal well with the problems listed above and for several others.

Besides, it is valuable for relaxation and general stress relief. It provides an excellent system of preventative illness (prevention is better then cure!) and helping to achieve balanced, radiant, health.